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Trailer of Wrong – Alien Vs Predator: Requiem

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Only Paul WS (Wank Stain) Anderson could have taken two of the most awesome creatures in movie history, put them in the same room and fuck it up. The Resident Evil director has proven himself the undoubted master of taking excellent products and turning them into big-screen shit marathons. Alien Versus Predator was so horrendously bad that it made me want to bleach my brain free of the stench of slow-motion explosions and predator-human camaraderie.

Then we received the news that a sequel was going to be made and the childhood horror fan in me died a little more. But when news arrived that Paul ‘Fuck it Up’ Anderson’s leper adaptation mitts were to be kept away from the second meeting of the acid and the infra-red, a tiny glimmer of hope emerged in the depths of my movie-loving heart.

Then I saw this trailer. Enough said.


The Dark Knight photos

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

This comes about a week late, but for those who haven’t seen yet, an ass-load of new photos from The Dark Knight have hit the web.

There’s some nice shots in there, including some more tasty reveals of Heath Ledger’s joker and seeing Bale in a suit with that smirky smile offers flashed memories of American Psycho. For a second, I almost forgot he was Bruce Wayne.

See after the jump for all the photos.

Escape from New York Remake gets a director

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

The Escape From New York remake has finally found a director in Die Hard 4.0’s Len Wiseman. Before Die Hard, ol’ Wisey was best known for putting his wife, Kate Beckinsale in a cat-suit for the whole world to see in the Underworld films.

Wiseman is quite a competent director and as John McClane’s recent outing proved, he can more than handle big-budget action favourites from the 80s.

For those who weren’t alive/don’t have a keen awareness of 80s awesomeness, Escape from New York was a John Carpenter film set in the vast future of the year 1997, where the island of Manhattan has been turned into a prison colony. Hired to rescue the marooned President from the island is eye-patched super bad-ass Snake Plissken.

The real question is, can the new Snake Plissken Gerard Butler fill the enormous shoes left behind by Kurt Russell? It’s a tough call, but we’re saying yes. For Christ’s sake people, he was Leonidas.

Of course, the whole idea of resurrecting Plisken is just further evidence that the 80s are being slowly dragged back, kicking and screaming. Rambo, Rocky and John McClane have all made it back. The natural progression would suggest that we could be viewing McGyver: Reloaded by 2009.

Source: Variety

Trailer – Lars and the Real Girl

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

We’re big fans of Ryan Gosling here at the ATTIC and we are truly impressed by his bold choice of next film, Lars and the Real Girl. Gosling plays a delusional and lonely young man whose family and friends are shocked when he introduces his new girlfriend… a blow-up doll he ‘met’ on the internet.

Judging from the trailer, this is another typical indie heart-fuelled comedy with strong, heart-achingly real characters (except the doll). That’s a good thing in our books.

That oscar will be Gosling’s yet.


Trailer – Be Kind, Rewind

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

The master of oddities, Michel Gondry teams up with Jack Black and Mos Def to bring us Be Kind, Rewind. The premise behind this is simply superb. A man (Black) accidentally magnetises and wipes all the VHS cassettes in his friend’s video-store and the two decide to re-make all the lost film’s for the store’s most loyal, ageing customer.

From Ghostbusters and Robocop to The Lion King and Driving Miss Daisy, their films swiftly makes them the most popular guys in their neighbourhood. Be Kind, Rewind just made it to my personal list of films I can’t wait to see. This trailer is a MUST SEE!