First Teaser Poster for Kidman’s ‘The Invasion’

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This seems to be the week for posters for Nicole Kidman movies. Just on the heels of the release of the first poster for The Golden Compass. put up the new teaser poster for Kidman's sci-fi thriller The Invasion. It's no secret that the project has had a bumpy road to production. Back in March, the LA Times reported that Warner Bros. was less than thrilled with the first cut of the film by the German director Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall). The studio then hired The Wachowski Brothers to re-write almost two-thirds of the script, and James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) took over as director for some costly re-shoots.

This "Body Snatchers' inspired film stars Kidman and Daniel Craig in a story about an alien virus that claims its victims when they sleep, turning them into mindless drones. Kidman stars as a scientist separated from her son, who might be the source of a cure for the virus. Since this is only a teaser poster, they aren't giving much away with this one. Surprisingly there isn't even a glimpse of either of the film's two stars. There is also a website for the film up now, but there isn't much to offer beyond a glimpse at the poster and a plot synopsis. The release date for The Invasion is currently set at August 17, so WB is almost out of time to generate some buzz for the film that goes beyond talk of a production that might have gone off the rails.
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