‘Border Incident’ and beyond

Border Incident 1949.jpgIt's Anthony Mann day on TCM, eight movies in 14 hours. It started at 6 a.m., with "Two O'Clock Courage" (pretty great title, huh?), and ends with the conclusion of "Cimarron," at 8 p.m. No other director in the decade and a half after World War II left such a stamp on multiple genres: noirs, westerns, epics ("El Cid"), even biopics ("The Glenn Miller Story"). James Stewart stars as Miller, one of eight films he made with Mann (who's pictured below right). The Mann-Stewart collaborations are practically their own genre. They have a special place in film history, having done more to deepen, broaden, and complicate Stewart's persona than anything else in his five-decade-long career. Who knows, no "Naked Spur" or "Man from Laramie" -- and no "Vertigo"?

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