If Movies were real…

… then Robocop would be an utter waste of tax-payers’ money

by Richy Davies

The thing about technology is that essentially it is shit. It is utterly unreliable and usually makes a point to stop working at a critical moment. Machines are notorious pains in the arse, and so are people for that matter. Robocop is half man and half machine. Worse still, he’s half Irish-man, half machine. Try to imagine if Windows Vista carried a semi-automatic hand cannon and was powered by a dead Irish-man who isn’t particularly pleased about being deceased.

You are imagining Robocop.

Despite being bullet proof, Robocop was not much better than any normal cop, and he was prone to rust. The cost of running and feeding Robocop could probably have paid the salaries of another 20 cops. That’s an entire department.

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