Red-Band Trailer – Tropic Thunder

Here’s the new Red Band trailer for the increasingly hilarious looking Tropic Thunder. Ben Stiller’s on usual top form and treading controversially hilarious territory with his previous role as a retarded farm-hand; Jack Black just seems completely annoying in this as he tends to be in real life and then of course, there’s Robert ‘Show-stealing’ Jr. (it’s about emotionality!) . By Tropic Thunder’s release in August, the Iron-Man star will have both opened and closed the 2008 summer to (we can presume) critical aplomb all round.

And how good is Ben Stiller’s tuffle with the lethal midget kid at the end?

Because this is Red Band, you must prove not only that you’re 18, but that you live in the United ‘Gad-DAWM’ States of America. A slight oversight by the Yanks as to the existence of children and teenagers elsewhere in the world (Children of Men was not in fact an expose on the horrors of British life, guys)

However, not to worry, if you haven’t come across a Red-Band trailer before, just enter the name of any movie star you can think of who lives in Beverly Hills and add the post-code 90210 (while quietly humming to yourself the guitar riff from a particular theme song - this part is vital). Tom Cruise works nicely, but just don’t let any scientologists know what you’re doing. They have a lot of money and time on their hands and will more than likely sacrifice you to their alien king (as I write this, I can hear them abseiling through my kitchen window….. I REGRET NOTHING!)


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