Gary Busey Plays Real-Life Hero to a Malibu Car Crash

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You've just had a car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway. As you clear your head, nerves electrified with that specific post-crash clarity in which nothing exists except for you and your car, you peer through the dust from your now-deployed airbag as someone quickly approaches your damaged vehicle. This form coming closer...he looks...familiar. You can make out his pearly whites through the smashed windshield.

He's Gary Busey, and, luckily, he's here to help.

Busey was first on the scene after witnessing two cars crash into each other in Malibu earlier in the week. The Oscar-nominated actor (The Buddy Holly Story) waved oncoming traffic past the cars and stayed until EMS arrived to treat one of the drivers injured in the wreck. Busey, most famous for his supporting roles in high profile action films like Point Break and Lethal Weapon, has been more well-known in recent years for his bizarre, erratic public persona, but according to Contact Music, folks on the scene called Busey "very sweet and caring."

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