Julie Benz Lands Female Lead in ‘Rambo IV’

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I'm not sure what a great-looking blonde is doing out in the middle of the Myanmar jungles, but apparently Sylvester Stallone needs a tad more tasty eye candy for his Rambo sequel. Variety tells us that Julie Benz has signed on to star as the female lead in John Rambo, however no further role description was given. Seeing as the plot revolves around a group of missionary aid workers who go missing, one has to assume Benz will play "the hot aid worker." For those who never managed to catch the 12 episodes of Dexter in which Benz starred as Rita Bennett, you might know her as the third jaw-dropping hottie in the 1999 flick Jawbreaker. Apart from that, the girl has done a ton of TV work (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CSI, Roswell, Taken), as well as landed much-coveted leading roles in The Midget Stays in the Picture (as A-List Actress) and Shrek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth.

Due out next May, John Rambo also stars Sam Elliott, Matthew Marsden and Paul Schulze. Not long ago, Stallone tapped a retired rebel soldier from the jungles of eastern Myanmar to play a brutal Burmese soldier in the pic. I'm thinking he'll be the guy you want Rambo to lay the smackdown on. Sai Mawng was chosen out of 300 applicants who turned out for the part; the casting notice asked for an unlikeable 32-40 military man. In the pic, Rambo is pulled out of retirement and recruited by a group of Christan human rights missionaries to help protect them against pirates (and no, not the Johnny Depp-type pirates). Also, in case you're itching for more Rambo, the first pics of Stallone on set have recently appeared online. As I said before, John Rambo (which was previously known as Pearl of the Cobra, until Stallone realized that people might confuse the situation and think this film was instead a sequel to Cobra -- and, not for nothing, but that would've been wicked cool) is due in theaters in May 2008.

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