Monday’s Movie Casting News

There were a lot of random casting announcements today, mainly of people I haven't heard of for movies I don't care to know about. Still, here they are... (sources: Variety and The Hollywood Reporter) Tony Curran joins the horror movie Midnight Meat Train, and writer/director John Glenn's The Heaven Project (which also stars Paul Walker). Crispin Glover will play a vengeful ice cream vendor in the indie horror flick, The I Scream Man (which also stars Tom Sizemore, Judd Nelson and Haylie Duff). A cameo includes George A. Romero. Patrick Ryan Anderson will play Anna Nicole Smith's son Daniel, age 15, in the Keoni Wazman-directed biopic, Anna Nicole. Are you freaking kidding me? Please tell me this is direct-to-cable. Soren Fulton has a role in the drama, Winged Creatures. The cast includes Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson, and the movie is directed by Rowan Woods. Jessica Stroup (pictured here) and Dana Davis will have roles in the slasher/horror remake Prom Night. Eion Bailey will star in the indie drama, Canyon, to be directed by Richard Harrah. The movie is about two honeymooners who have to fend for themselves after they lose their guide in the Grand Canyon.

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