The ‘Fanboys’ Situation Gets Real Nasty

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I shouldn't need to go through this whole thing again, so if you have no idea what's currently going on with the film Fanboys, read this, this and this -- and then come back. A little while ago I received the craziest email from a good pal, and that email contained three other email exchanges between director Steve Brill (aka the dude who took over for Kyle Newman during reshoots) and fans of the original cut of Fanboys. A couple of notes before I post these emails:

  • No matter how cruddy the director is, I do not support attacking the man's cut when you haven't even seen it yet. I've made that clear before, and I'll say it again now. However, his other films are definitely fair game.
  • I've confirmed with a source "in the know" that this is indeed Steve Brill behind these emails; that, originally, he confessed to them, but then tried to say someone hacked his email account when he realized how much of a complete idiot he came off as. But note that I have not talked to Brill myself (though I'm totally willing to do so, Steve, so email me), so I'm not 100% certain this was him. More like 96.5%.
  • Also, I've tried to clean up the foul language as best I can, but do keep in mind that these email exchanges aren't exactly safe for work.

That said, head after the jump to read these hysterical exchanges ...

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