Dr. Phil chimes in on Britney – Huzzah!

Thumbnail image for 0107_dr_phil_britney_00.jpg Dr. Phil showed up on The View this morning to stick his mug once again into the latest Britney Spears fiasco. Ok! Magazine reports:
“I don’t think [Spears’ current hospitalization] surprises anybody. All I’ve ever try to do is help. By that I don’t mean doing therapy, because I don’t do that anymore, but I’ve always felt like let's get her to the right kinds of professionals--ones that could provide psychological and psychiatric support. I don’t know the circumstances of how she wound up in the hospital today, but if it’s moving in that direction, that could be a good thing."
Dr. Phil was also pimping his Britney story on Good Morning America and The Today Show earlier in the week. Dr. Phil likes feeling relevant. Otherwise he turns into the Incredible Hulk and eats children. No, really, I read it on Wikipedia. Or was it the bathroom stall I wrote on last week? I get the two confused.

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