How do you make Victory Hair?

You play with the Ultimate Flirting Widget, of course!

Show us you've got flirting skills by submitting your sassiest flirt. While you're in a playful mood, peruse the submissions and vote for the cheekiest. A winner will be selected each day and featured in the Flirting Hall of Fame. Who's the source of this outpouring of sex appeal? Extreme Style by VO5.

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Need some inspiration? These champs outflirted the competition and got major Victory Hair.

Miss Botox asks: Bottle-blondes have more fun. How come that is?
Roxanne sez: The genie in their bottle likes to partay!
Celebrity Mom asks: I'm an actress, a philanthropist, and a mother. Remind me I'm still a woman.
Anonymous sez: if you stop to ask for directions, you might be a woman!
Perez asks: There's a headline about you on our site. What does it say?
La la sez: she makes me wish i were straight!!

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