Kiki Drunks, Looking Lovely – As Usual!


We all know Kirsten Dunst dresses and looks like [fill in the adjective]/

It's no surprise.

But, in a new interview with UK's OK magazine, Kiki goes out of her way to defend the fact that she apparently doesn't care how she dresses.

The 26 year-old says, "I don't have the energy to care if people criticise the way I look. I'm over getting dressed up, although it's fun sometimes - like when my younger brother Christian and I got ready together to go to the Oscars. But other than that, though, I couldn't care less."

Seriously, no one else could care either.

But Kiki continues, "Being fun is way better than being beautiful. I would rather entertain people."

The only way we can imagine Drunkst entertaining us is by looking hideous!

[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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