Oprah Lays Down The Laws To Rosie


Hey, remember when Rosie O'Donnell lost her shit constantly on The View and drove Barbara Walters completely insane for a couple of years?

Well, Oprah Winfrey ain't having any of that!

Reports surfaced earlier last month that Rosie was being offered an opportunity from the Big O herself to have a show on her new OWN network. Of course, considering this is Oprah's territory, she had to lay down some rules for Rosie before they get started. In a new interview about the network, Oprah reveals that she had a little heart-to-heart with Rosie about their upcoming venture. Basically, she told Rosie to cool it with the crazy pants!

Oprah reveals that she "warned" Rosie that being controversial was not going to fly in the land of Big O and that she'd "better behave on OWN." Once Rosie unraveled from the fetus position, she acknowledged that she would be a good lil' hostess and promised if ever there were an issue she would talk to O "woman to woman" so that it wouldn't become a "worldwide issue."

Ha! Boy we would have given anything to be a fly on the wall of that meeting! Priceless!

Now, let's see if Ro can keep up to her end of the bargain. Chances are, a similar convo went down when she joined The View, but perhaps The Big O poses more of a threat! (We sure as hell wouldn't cross her!)

[Image via WENN.]

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