Prognosis Not Good For Washington


When Grey’s Anatomy opened the door on last week’s season finale for Isaiah Washington‘s departure from the show, they left the door wide open. And it looks like the homophobe probably won’t be back!

TV reporter Kristin Veitch is claiming that Washington is out.

She says, “I’ve now heard from various reliable sources that Isaiah has been taking meetings in New York and Los Angeles in search of a new job that would take place during the coming TV season, so it certainly appears that Isaiah’s Grey‘s days are over. Insiders at ABC tell me “not everyone will be coming back” to Grey’s this fall, and although T.R. Knight’s fate was also left hanging in the balance after the season finale, I’m hearing that he’s gonna be back but like I said, Isaiah looks to be a goner.”

Good for T.R.

Bad for Isaiah.

He had it coming!

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