New Movie Marketing Collateral – Monday 9/18

In an effort to keep you abreast of the latest trailers, clips, posters, ads, websites and more, we're kicking-off a daily round-up of new movie marketing collateral releases. To get your collateral mentioned send an email to

New Movie Trailers and Preview Clips:

'For Your Consideration' - Three new preview clips at Risky Biz Blog

'The Invisible' - New Trailer posted to MySpace

'Saw III' - Updated trailer at Yahoo! Movies

'Flyboys' - Exclusive Character clips at Coming Soon

New Movie Banner Ads:

'Casino Royale' -- New Flash leaderboard ad on

'Fearless' -- New Flash leaderboard ad on

Other Collateral and Ads of Note:

Heavy 'Jesus Camp' PPC ad placement on liberal blogs, to include Google video ads. Here's an example of a text ad (scroll to the end of the article.) Looks like they also did a banner buy on the same site.

Big Blogads buy for 'The Ground Truth' across liberal blogs -- see an example at Dailykos. Also note the 'Jesus Camp' ad.

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