Is Halo Dead?

I’ve just finished Halo 3 and from start to heart-pounding finish, it’s impossible to ignore the sheer cinematic quality of this exceptional video-game series. So why the hell won’t the powers that be get off their sorry posteriors and make us a Halo movie that will surely break the curse of shoddy video-game film adaptations?

The latest in the long-line of disappointing Halo news is that would-be director Neill Blomkamp, has told Creativity Online that the movie is officially no more.

“The film is entirely dead. In the configuration it was in,” said Blomkamp. “Whatever happens with that movie, assuming that movie gets made, will be a totally different configuration. It’s not so much me as the entire vessel sank. Basically, it was a combination of; there were two studios involved that weren’t getting along in the process of making it, Universal and Fox. That kind of stuff happens, it’s a fragile industry. So the film collapsed at the end of last year, and it’s been dead, ever since then. I’ll be curious to see what happens”.

Peter Jackson has long said that he would produce a Halo movie and Blomkamp was a hot candidate for the director seat (check out the live-action trailers he made to showcase his talents.) But when Fox and Universal both backed out from financing the project, things weren’t looking good for Master Chief and pals.

If you ask me, it probably would have been a good idea for them to splash out and get this thing rolling, despite the costs. Halo 3 has already whipped up literally billions of dollars worldwide and a film version would come with an already dedicated fanbase of millions. The name alone is a cash goldmine. However, if ol’ Petey Jackson can’t even get this made, then there may be little hope of ever seeing Master Chief on the silverest of screens.

Source: Empire

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