Review – Iron Man (2008)

by Dave Corkery

Here’s an enigma: Is Robert Downey Jr. a great actor or is Robert Downey Jr. just being Robert Downey Jr. all the time? When a charismatic, smart-mouthed playboy is playing a charismatic, smart-mouthed playboy, it’s hard to tell whether we’re looking at a de Niro style performance or just some cool guy who’s comfortable in front of a camera. But really, when an actor can bring this much energy, humour and sarcastic cool to a role, who really cares if he’s acting or just having a laugh? Downey Jr. is an absolute joy to watch and proves that he oozes enough charm to front a super-budget Hollywood movie. Like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, he has proven that he can make the transition from indie golden boy to megastar leading man with ease. What this will mean for his career though, is another matter.

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