Trailer of Wrong – Alien Vs Predator: Requiem

Only Paul WS (Wank Stain) Anderson could have taken two of the most awesome creatures in movie history, put them in the same room and fuck it up. The Resident Evil director has proven himself the undoubted master of taking excellent products and turning them into big-screen shit marathons. Alien Versus Predator was so horrendously bad that it made me want to bleach my brain free of the stench of slow-motion explosions and predator-human camaraderie.

Then we received the news that a sequel was going to be made and the childhood horror fan in me died a little more. But when news arrived that Paul ‘Fuck it Up’ Anderson’s leper adaptation mitts were to be kept away from the second meeting of the acid and the infra-red, a tiny glimmer of hope emerged in the depths of my movie-loving heart.

Then I saw this trailer. Enough said.


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