Darren Aronofsky Unhappy With ‘Fountain’ DVD — Doing Unauthorized Commentary Track!

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I didn't notice this when I recently reviewed the new DVD for The Fountain, but director Darren Aronofsky was making his displeasure with the stripped-down disc known on his blog page. As I noted in my review, the disc wasn't exactly free of extras -- it contained one medium-sized documentary, broken up into six chapters -- but other than that, there was nothing. On his page, Aronofsky says "As many of you can tell it [the DVD] is light on extras as compared to my previous DVD releases. Everything at the studio was a struggle. For instance, they didn't want to do a commentary track cause they felt it wouldn't help sales. I didn't have it in me to fight anymore. Whatever." He also notes "Niko, my friend who did the doc on the DVD came up with a novel idea. We recorded a commentary track ourselves. We're gonna post it on a site soon, http coming soon. You can play it and watch the flick and hopefully you'll enjoy it." He wraps up by noting that "I do hope to do a big special edition at some point, but for that to happen the DVD is gonna have to sell."

In other Aronofsky news, he recently chatted with Empire and confirmed to them that he will be doing "an adaptation of Noah's Ark." Aronofsky says "I'm pretty much done with the script." Hilariously, he defends himself against comparisons to Evan Almighty, noting "This is not a comedy. It's funny, because Noah's always been done as a comedy. This is definitely more the sci-fi version. It's the traditional Noah story, but it's told in a serious way. More fantasy than comedy."

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