Ex-Italian PM with Mob Ties Forgets About His Own Biopic?

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Through varying periods of the 70's, 80's and 90's, Giulio Andreotti was the Prime Minister of Italy. That recognition came with a large boat of scandal and accusations. He used the Mafia to further his political career, and possibly be a member himself, but he slipped through that accusation due to statutory limitations. The man was also convicted in 2002 of ordering that journalist Mino Pecorelli be murdered -- the man had published allegations about his Mafia ties. However, the next year the appeals court overturned this decision. To top that off, rumors say that Don LIcio Lucchesi in The Godfather Part III is based on him. So, obviously, this could make for a tasty biopic.

Well, it could if Andreotti could remember that it exists. Director Paolo Sorrentino said recently that he was going to make a film about the ex-PM, that he had met with Andreotti twice. Last Friday, however, Andreotti refuted the claims: "I don't know anything about this, and I've never met this person. If I had, I would have helped him to understand his subject better. But I hope he doesn't make this film because that's what they do at the end of someone's life, and I have a ways to go." Was Sorrentino lying? The director responded to Andreotti's response, saying: "It's hard to believe the senator's words... maybe his memory is failing him." Is Sorrentino lying? Did Andreotti have a change of heart and decide to feign innocence? Or, does he need to look into memory problems? If it's the latter, Sorrentino might want to hurry up before the ex-PM forgets more!
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