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The internet covers a lot of life's ground. You can research historical events, read popular media, watch movies and of course, you can interact with friends and strangers across the globe. But there's something the net has really been lacking. Everywhere you turn, there are fully-clothed women who could barely cover more skin if they were clad in burkas, parkas and head-to-toe body armor. Where on earth can you see some female skin? I mean heck, naked men are everywhere, but women just hide away in the shadows ... until now! Fellow movie site, JoBlo, has been renovating lately and in their fiddling they've launched

The site's mandate: "to see that everyone who is surfing the Net with their pants ON (if your pants were off, you'd be on or something) has a sweet place in which to drop ... from time to time, to hear all about the latest in these women's lives, their careers ... as well as stare at pictures of their hoho's." Gee, I didn't realize there weren't places like that on the net! No longer will there be desperate pleas for female nudity. The site offers the oft-used link-story-link setup that gives you headlines to the left, such as "Uma Looks Very Yummy!" and then name links on the right. Since the list is in alphabetical order, Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai is lucky woman #1. Her links is still in need of a "hottie pic," but she's already got four votes, putting her at 6.5/10 and a headline below that reads "Indian hottie likes to sin." ... is this the answer to your Internet dreams?
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