Paris Hilton’s Acting Agency Drops Her

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One of the best cases of cutting through the Hollywood BS in recent years was when Paris Hilton got shipped back to prison. Four days after going behind bars, the suspended-license, DUI driver was stricken with a serious medical problem that just could not be helped at the jail, or in a hospital, but at her posh home. Confinement in some wet, cold basement apartment somewhere I could see still being a punishment for her, but c'mon! It would be paradise to a large percentage of the world. Miraculously, she wasn't allowed to get away with it and was thrown right back in jail whilst screaming and sobbing. Moral of this story: don't think your money, prestige and attitude will let you get away with everything because if you ever get caught, many-a-people will be amused to see the tears as you go down. If you want a run-down of things, go here.

Now, to add insult to injury as she learns her hard lesson behind bars, her agency, Endeavor, has said hasta la bye-bye. Variety reports that the agency, which signed her in 2005, axed her the same day she was ordered back to jail, and they won't say why. Perhaps they felt short-changed when they saw her police car waterworks, thinking that she's been holding back all this time? I imagine it won't be too hard for her to find other representation, but maybe this experience were spur her onto causes more noble than sex tapes, barely-there outfits, DUIs and crappy entertainment. Or maybe not.
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