‘Sicko’ Key Art and Photos: Exclusive First Look

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Oceans 13 poster

So yes, you've probably heard more about Michael Moore in the last two days than you ever needed to hear in, say, a month: First there was the announcement of the June 29 release date for Moore's health-care documentary Sicko, then the news that Moore is under federal investigation for taking Sept. 11 workers to Cuba, and let's not forget the Weinstein Company's hiring of a political strategist to run interference when Moore inevitably gets sued.

But finally we have something actually related to the movie itself -- yup, we've snagged key art from the poster for Sicko. We're told that the tagline for the poster, when it's finished, will be "This might hurt a little," and while I can't wait to see what sort of treatment the title is going to get, I have to say the sight of Michael Moore pulling on the rubber gloves is already creeping me out enough. (Click on the art for a larger image.)

Want Moore? (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Check out three exclusive photos from Sicko, after the jump.

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