Woody Gets into a Lovers Quarrel with Spain

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Woody Allen has always been the man of New York -- and not just because he made a little flick called Manhattan. It's been infused in much of his work, that is, until he headed across the Atlantic. After some UK forays, he headed to Spain to show it love. As he previously said: "I hope I can present Barcelona to the world as I see it, the same way I presented Manhattan to the world as I saw it with my eyes. I want to write a love letter to Barcelona, and from Barcelona to the world." Well, the course of true love never did run smooth.

In July, Woody ticked off some Catalonians, who were upset that Barcelona was giving so much money to an American filmmaker, rather than than local talent. According to some, Catalan films are faced with much difficulty getting made, so Woody's ease has rifled more than a few feathers. But now, a few months later, the ill will continues and Spain might not want to be Allen's object of affection. The Guardian reports that Mediapro, the production company behind Vicky Cristina Barcelona, says Woody's next two will be filmed "neither in Catalonia nor in Spain."

The reason they're giving -- the "small-minded attitude" of the local press and politicians -- those who complained about Allen's special treatment over the summer. It's not too hard to see both sides -- how this movie could be a good investment for Barcelona, and also how it's a huge slap in the face for the local filmmakers trying to make films there. Stopping this love affair short seems flighty, but then again, Hollywood isn't known for it's lasting love affairs.
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