Video – Inception Cast Traveled the Globe to Shoot Stunning Dream Sequences

Inception writer-director Christopher Nolan tells AMC News that the premise of his multilayered story revolves around a shared universal experience that most of us have when we sleep, namely that "dreams feel real while we're in them." Bringing that experience from the mazelike depths of the human mind to the big screen required building and shooting on massive moving sets to create zero-gravity effects and embarking on a global trek to bring faraway dreamscapes to life. Instead of shooting his actors against a green screen and adding in location footage during postproduction, Nolan, cast, and crew endured extreme wind, rain, snow, and heat while shooting sequences in Tokyo, Carlington, Paris, Tangier, Calgary, and Los Angeles. The Dark Knight director feels he achieved the creation of those tactile experiences in our dreams where everything is real to us, no matter how unusual or unfamiliar it is, until we wake.

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