Sluttyiena’s Effing Everything Up


Looks like Sienna "Sluttiest One of All" Miller is fucking up Brothers & Sisters actor Balthazar Getty's personal AND professional life.

A friend of Getty's soon to be ex-wife says, "It's humiliating. Rosetta left the country to protect the kids, and he continues to see Sienna publicly."

Rosetta Getty and her four kids with Balthazar were reported to be in Italy.

Doesn't it suck that Balthazar was tramping around with Slutty in Italy last week when his kids were there, too?

Slutbag met Getty through his Brothers & Sisters costar Matthew Rhys.

Rhys, who also got some action from Slutty, was livid when the Italy photos of the couple surfaced, says a source.

Sounds like there's going to be a lot of tension behind the scenes at Brothers & Sisters!

Sluttyienna, continually living up to her nickname.

[Image via Mr. Paprazzi.]

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